Aboriginal Inclusion & Community Involvement

Metis Medical Inc is a proud supporter of The Aboriginal Friendship Society. A Non-profit founded in 1975. Metis Medical Inc advocates for awareness surrounding the 'Stolen Sisters' program which is in response to the staggering statistics surrounding Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW).
This human-rights crisis disproportionately affects Indigenous peoples in Canada and the United States notably those in the (First Nations, Metis, Inuit) and Native American communities.
Stolen Sisters program 

About the Aboriginal Friendship Society: 

The Fort Nelson Aboriginal Friendship Society has grown over the past four decades, and now boasts two floors in a large center on 49th Avenue. Programming addresses all aspects of health, including: Family Violence; HIV/AIDS; Mental Health & Addictions; Employment; Elders, Women, and Youth Outreach; Food Bank; Soup & Bannock Socials, and also features a Men's Emergency Shelter, and a Women's Transition House. Overall, the Society's mandate is to provide services to the whole community, by promoting unity and health in rural and urban areas, in a collaborative effort to address the needs of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal Friendship Society
The logo, created by artist Larone Lafferty, is a symbolic circle of the universe which brings all four races and directions together. The circle is also known as the Medicine Wheel, or the Circle of Life, which reminds us of Mother Earth, and also communicates that all living things are related to each other. The drum represents a gathering place, with everyone working together, and the red outer-circle shows that FNAFS is a Native aboriginal organization.

The Board of Directors work to continue both of the Friendship Movement and continue to grow, and build more connections within the community. Under the direction of Linda Ashdown, Executive Director, who has been involved with the Center since 1988, the programming remains fortified in culture and the spirit of community.

Aboriginal Friendship Society

Wish to get involved? Please visit: https://fnafs.org